San Miguel Fresca

San Miguel Fresca

Вид бира:
Light Pilsner
Алк. % Vol.:
San Miguel Fresca

Shiny gold in colour with a fine layer of foam. Medium intensity aroma, slightly fruity with smooth notes of hops and malt. Light and refreshing, with a fine bitterness, which together with a slice of lemon added when served, manages to smooth the bitterness of the beer while adding citrus touches offering a perfect accompaniment while enhancing its freshness on the palate. 

First launched in the UK, San Miguel Fresca is now available in international markets around the world. It’s a smooth and refreshing beer brewed with a carefully chosen selection of hops which makes it the perfect beer to enjoy with friends and value the important moments. San Miguel Fresca was recognised with an award at the prestigious International Brewing awards in 2013.